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Our Process

Modern design concept_shaded.jpg

This is where we get to know a bit about you and why you want to build or renovate, we also learn about your lifestyle and establish a sense of your vision and general requirements for the project.  We'll also determine zoning restrictions and see if any other authorities have jurisdiction over your lot.  This will inform the design process and help to keep things on track as we move forward.


It all starts with a set of draft floor plans developed with your wish-list in mind, and an eye to how it will impact the exterior look. You'll be able to meet with us to go over the plans and make live updates to move things forward more efficiently. Once you're happy with the floor plans, we move on to the exterior design phase.  Using your inspirational material and style preferences combined with our design aesthetic we  develop the exterior in 3D. You'll be able to make as many adjustments as you like until you're completely happy.

zoning review and committee of adjustment

After finalizing the design, we prepare detailed 2D drawings, a site plan, and statistics to complete an application for zoning review. This involves a thorough review of the house's layout, size, setbacks, height, and landscaping. The city will identify variances according to the applicable by-law. We engage the planning department for comments, making changes as needed to gain their support. We analyze past approvals, justify minor variances, ensure neighborhood harmony, and gain neighbors' support. At the meeting, we represent our client and present our proposal.


Our qualified BCIN designers will take the design and add all the neccessary details to develop a set of construction drawings which includes the site plan, floor plans, elevations, building sections and structural details.   We work closely with trusted engineers and consultants to develop the full permit package with HVAC design, engineered lumber design, septic, arborist reports and geotechnical engineers as required.   


With many years of experience navigating various municipalities and conservation authorities throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario in general, we've encountered it all over the years getting building permits and know what it takes to ensure the process goes smoothly.  We'll apply for the permits on your behalf with all the required applications and signatures and  make sure you stay updated every step of the way until the building permit is issued. 

Render_Entry 2.jpg

Peer into the future and experience your vision in fully rendered beautiful colour and texture. Before costly investments are made, you can try various material pallets and adjust building forms to better integrate into the site and its surroundings.   We offer 4k resolution images of the exterior as well as video fly-bys to really show off your new home.

construction phase

Our relationship with you does not end once the permit has been issued.  We will be available to you and your builder throughout the construction process to answer any questions that may arise or if a detail needs to be resolved on site.  If you decide you want to make substantial changes to the approved permit drawings, we'll be happy to help you obtain a revision permit, so that everything is approved by the city.

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